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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 17, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- severe storms slamming the heartland. powerful winds causing a large tent to collapse, injuring people sitting under it. and torrential rains submerging cars. where the storm's heading right now. security clearance fallout. overnight, a long list of senior former intelligence officials speaking out after president trump pulled the security clearance of a former cia director. why the architect of the osama bin laden raid is asking to have his security clearance pulled. tragic discovery. police finding the body of a woman and two young girls. after investigators arrested the family's father. >> we feel so stupid about that now. >> and hear from close family friends who offered for the man to stay with them before he was arrested. remembering aretha.
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♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t >> paying respect to the queen of soul from presidents to fans. even in outer space. how aretha franklin is being recommended this morning. plus, free tuition for all. where medical students will be going to school for free. and why this weekend is expected to be the busiest wedding weekend in years. and we do say good morning on this friday. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm linsey davis in for diane. we're going begin with the breaking news. a severe damaging storm stretching from the south to the great lakes and poised to push east ward today. >> heavy wind and rain have been hammering parts of the south since last evening. one storm cell taking aim at northern alabama. virtually demolished an outdoor gathering. just as it was getting started. the heartland hit hard overnight. in hayden, alabama, this is what's left of an outdoor event
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with hundreds of people after a storm slammed the area. chairs and tables toppling over. and a large tent collapsing, injuring 12 people. >> there's a tent that has blown over and several people are injured. phones are ringing off the hook. i don't know how many are hurt. >> this is more a freak accident because of the popup storm. it just came out of nowhere. >> reporter: in minnesota, fans forced to rush out of the vikings' practice facility as a strong storm moved in. powerful wind and rain slamming stillwater, oklahoma. the area got 5 inches of rain in just matter of hours. this video shows several cars submerged on a street. but on the campus of oklahoma state university -- >> whoo! >> reporter: -- students took it in stride, as flash flooding swamped the campus. those storms are on the move right now. a closer look at the forecast in just minutes. to washington now. and a group of former officials
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who once served in the highest levels of the intelligence community, slamming president trump for stripping the security clearance from ex-cia chief john brennan. brennan is still not shying away from blasting the president. arlette saenz joins us from d.c. with the very latest news from overnight. good morning. >> reporter: kendis, good morning. the president's move has sparked backlash amongst the intelligence committee and democrats on capitol hill. the top democrat on the house oversight committee wants the white house to hand over documents about the process that the president used to revoke john brennan's security clearance. president trump in a meeting with his cabinet ignored questions about revoking the security clearance for former cia director john brennan. >> mr. president is it appropriate for you to punish your critics? >> reporter: he told "the wall street journal" that his decision was in part due to the russia investigation. saying brennan was among those responsible for the probe. i call it the rigged witch hunt. it is a sham. and these people led it.
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so i think it's something that had to be done. brennan, in a "new york times" op ed, fired back. mr. trump's claims of no collusion are in a word, hogwash. among those defending brennan, retired navy admiral william mcraven, who oversaw the raid that killed osama bin laden. in a letter to the president in "the washington post," mcraven wrote -- i would consider it an honor if you would revoke my clearance as well. so i can at my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency. democrats have pounced. >> i think there was clearly an attempt by the president to make his critics go away. >> reporter: many republicans are standing by the president. >> mr. brennan has gone way over the line, in my view. makes sense to me. >> reporter: late last night, a dozen former senior intelligence officials, including six former directors of the cia, released a scathing statement calling the president's decision
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ill-considered and unprecedented. they argue that the move had nothing to do with who should or shouldn't have clearances and quote everything to do with an attempt to stifle free speech. kendis and linsey. >> it was a scathing joint statement from those former officials. arlette saenz, thank you. president trump's daughter-in-law says she is shocked and saddened by the betrayal of former white house aide omarosa manigault newman after the release of yet another secret tape. in the latest recording, shortly after omarosa was fired, you can hear laura trump offering her a $180,000 a year job with the campaign. making it clear she would be expected to say positive things. omarosa says it proves the president wanted to silence her. >> it sounds like there are, like, obviously, there's some things you have in your back pocket to pull out. clearly, if you come on board the campaign, we can't have that. >> oh, god, no. >> everybody positive, right? so i know you were making $179 at the white house.
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i think we can work something out where we keep you right along those lines. >> this is the third secret recording released by omarosa as she promotes her book. "the new york times" is reporting she could have as many as 200 tapes. the president's lawyers are trying to get simon & schuster to top publication of the book, citing a nondisclosure agreement. the publisher says its clients won't be intimidated. to the grim new details emerging about the murders of a colorado family. sources tell our denver station the bodies of the two little girls were found inside an oil and gas storage tank owned by their father's former employee. former employer. the mother's body was found nearby. the father, you see him there, christopher watts, now under arrest, just hours after going on tv to plead for his family to come back home. before he was arrested, family friends offered to let him stay with them. >> we feel so stupid about that now.
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like, trusting him to stay the night in the same house as our daughter. i mean, i'll never let that go. >> we thought we were doing the right thing by trying to be a good friend to him. >> well, now, watts has reportedly confessed to the murders. a candle light vigil will be held in front of the family home tonight. prosecutors expected to file formal charges on monday. time now for a look at your weather forecast this morning. ♪ the latest radar images show the powerful storms pushing to the east with a line of severe storms stretching from arkansas up into the great lakes. some of those storms in oklahoma have been packing 60-mile-per-hour winds. dumping heavy rain over the tennessee and ohio valleys. high temperatures across the country in the high 80s and 90s. new york, 88. dallas and d.c. 95. and in phoenix, 102 degrees. ♪
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well, coming up, the surprising revelation from google about when the app actually tracks you. also ahead, president trump's military parade delayed. why it won't happen this year. and the hefty price the parade is expected to cost. and a 13-year-old boy telling his survival story after taking a direct hit from a lightning bolt. reese witherspoon tonight dare to dream big. on friday, sept 7th, join stand up to cancer for all the inspiration all the laughter kevin heart if you change one letter in 'cancer' it becomes 'dancer', what!? all the stars tom hanks keep this movement going strong. every network every star kevin bacon dream big with us. one night to save lives get ready to see it all tune in live friday, sept 7, 87c hmm. [cell phone beeps]
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the elaborate military parade that president trump has been longening for since attending one in paris will not be taking place this year. the pentagon announced the delay amid reports of the estimated cost of the parade has soared to $92 million. overnight, secretary jim mattis pushed back, telling reporters that whoever quoted the new price tag must be smoking
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something that the illegal in most states. the vatican is reacting to the scathing report on church sex abuse in pennsylvania. pope francis responded to the report with the words shame and sorrow. the report found more than 1,000 victims in cases dating back to the 1940s. most of the 300 priests identified are no longer alive or will avoid arrest because the crimes are too old to prosecute. the parents of a college freshman who died after an alcohol-fueled hazing ritual are now suing louisiana state university for $25 million. the lawsuit claims max gruver was forced to drink anf alcol tihe psed out, clearl need of medical attention that never came. the parents blame the fraternity and the school for deliberate indifference in the 18-year-old's death. >> our goals are ultimately to save lives. we want to save someone else's life.
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and we don't want another family to have to go through what we went through. >> reporter: the gruver family is accusing the university and the fraternity of ignoring a long history of abusing pledges. we'll have details on "gma." the makers of epipen will soon have competition. the fda has approved a generic, cheaper version of the medication that is used to stop potentially fatal reactions to some bug bites and foods like nuts and eggs. two years ago, you recall, congress blasted the makers of epipen for raising prices by more than 500%. google admits it continues to track your location even if you asked it not to do so. an investigation by the associated press revealed that several google apps and websites were ignoring the google preference. the main website said it was not storing data even though it was. google says it's trying to be
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more clear about how it tracks users on certain apps. coming up, where medical students will soon get free tuition. and paying tribute to the queen of soul. a look back at aretha franklin's career and legacy and how she's being remembered this morning. ♪ make me feel like a natural woman ♪ ♪ you got it from your parents. and they got it from theirs. it's your skin, and it can protect you from millions of things. so we're here to help you protect your skin. walgreens pharmacists and beauty consultants are specially trained to know what works for the health of your unique skin. walgreens. trusted since 1901. now all sun care products are buy one get one 50% off. withnew cheese cupsow's you can snack wherever, however, whyever. introducing cheese cups by the laughing cow.
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snack like you. you'dreamt about it, it, maybe you should just go ahead and do it. we're legalzoom, and we've helped over a million people just like you start their own businesses. legalzoom. where life meets legal. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast...
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...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? ♪ forever and ever you'll stay in my heart and i will love you forever and ever ♪ the memorial is growing around aretha franklin's star on the hollywood walk of fame. flowers, balloons, and pictures surround the spot on hollywood boulevard, dedicated 39 years ago this month. one of a long list of honors for the 18-time grammy winner. aretha franklin started singing in public when she was just a little girl. she didn't stop for more than 60 years. >> she didn't. the queen of soul died in detroit yesterday at the age of 76. the world won't forget the musical legacy she leaves
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behind. ♪ never no no ♪ baby i got it >> reporter: from the queen of soul's childhood home in memphis to her hometown of detroit to the apollo theater in harlem. >> her legacy is written in my heart. r-e-s-p-e-c-t. respect. >> reporter: fans around the world honoring aretha louise franklin. nasa feeted today it named an asteroid after her. >> the world is feeling like i'm feeling. she is the queen. there's not much more to say. >> reporter: the iconic singer's career spand six decades and included nearly 100 hits on billboard's r&b chart. 20 reaching number one. ♪ we're going riding on the freeway of love ♪ >> reporter: -- was the first woman ever inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. talking at that moment in one of
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her trademark hats on "nightline." >> how did you feel? >> i was flattered. i was highly flattered. it's a wonderful feeling to be alongside your contemporaries. to be the first woman was kind of just overwhelming. >> reporter: she won 18 grammys and made grammy history in 1998 when she performed opera with only two hours' notice when luciano pavarotti got sick. ♪ >> reporter: this morning, the tributes to her are growing. outside of her childhood church. >> everybody here is going to miss her very much. she's so special to us. she done touched so many people. >> reporter: and online, from her millions of admirers. among them, her fellow diva, mariah carey. smoky robinson, who visited her just days ago. tony bennett. paul mccartney tweeting the memory of her greatness will live with us forever. >> and they're not the only
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ones. both the current and former presidents are paying their respects to lady soul. >> aretha franklin performed at both of bill clinton's inaugurals. he and former first lady hillary clinton released a statement calling franklin a national treasure. she performed at president obama's first inaugural. he and former first lady michelle said thursday we could feel our history in franklin's voice. meantime, president trump called franklin a wonderful gift from god. >> she's brought joy to millions of lives and her extraordinary legacy will thrive and inspire many generations to come. she was given a great gift from god. her voice. and she used it well. people loved aretha. she's a special woman. i just want to pass on my warmest best wishes and sympathies to her family. >> former president george w. bush awarded her the presidential medal of freedom in 2005. her first inaugural performance was back in 1977 for
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then-president carter. >> she got teared up at that moment right there with president bush. we're hearing for the first time this morning from a 13-year-old boy from arizona who cheated death after being struck by a bolt of lightning. josiah wiedman and his friend, 13-year-old javier were walking through a park outside of phoenix as it started to rain. and then you saw out of nowhere. that bolt of lightning striking them both. launching josiah in the air. stopping his heart. leaving him with a skull fracture and concussion. >> i remember kind of having heat, like, as soon as i get hit. all i remember is a little bit of heat. like, kind of walking. barely. and then just heat. >> well, his friend javier wasn't seriously hurt. a quick-thinking good samaritan is credited with saving his life by performing cpr. josiah was this a medically-induced coma for three days. after surviving, he says he feels like superman. nearly seven months after the super bowl, nick foles and tom brady finally shook hands.
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you'll recall they didn't, many eagles fans saw it as a brady when the two quarterbacks didn't have a post game handshake after the eagles beat the patriots in super bowl lii. last night, after the team's preseason game, the two met at midfield for a handshake. patriots, by the way, won 37-20. during that game, fans were reminded who won the super bowl. very subtle here by the fans. a banner plane flew over gillette stadium that read 41-33, philly super bowl lii. >> just in case anybody forgot. >> just in case. they spent about 1,000 bucks for that. up next in "the pulse," why it will be a busy weekend for weddings. and also ahead, the tarantula taco. why a restaurant is in trouble for everyone issing the delicacy. and a serious jar inside a 3,000-year-old tomb. it took years for scientists to figure out what it was. but now they know. they know.
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♪ time for "the pulse" on a friday. starting with an offer you can't refuse. >> you certainly cannot. new york university says from now on it will provide free tuition for all current and future medical students, regardless of merit or financial need. a savings of about $55,000 a year. >> nyu says too many college grads have been avoiding med school, concerned about accumulating too much debt. now, anyone who can get in gets a free ride. thousands of couples are testing their luck by walking down the aisle tomorrow. >> saturday's date is 8-18-18. the number 8 is considered lucky in many cultures. one website counted nearly 30,000 weddings planned across the country for tomorrow. a restaurant in mexico city is in trouble for serving up
4:24 am
tacos stuffed with tarantulas. >> federal agents seized several blackened spiders after the restaurant posted a video of the chef cooking them with a blow torch. they're a protected species. >> other yummy bugs remain on the menu. >> oh, good. if you like well-aged cheese, archaeologists have found a treat for you. >> this cheese is 3300 years old. discovered in a tomb in ancient egypt. >> the jars were discovered years ago. they recently took a look and discovered it's the world's oldest cheese. by funding scientific breakthroughs, advancing public policy, and providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association.
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hi there. good morning. >> who's here? >> all of us! >> we are! >> yay! >> we made it. >> we made it on a friday. >> 4:27 in the morning. drew, you are saying it's going to heat up a bit. >> it is. hot to trot. we talkedked about on saturday - >> set to sweat. >> preview yesterday. it was warm in the afternoon. we're going to increase the temperatures more today. live doppler 7 radar with satellite showing an outside marine layer. live look at san francisco. you can see the fog over the skyline right now. here's the 12-hour day planner sun's up at 6:23. we expect the cloud cover to break down quickly and by 4:00 it's a warm afternoon away from the coast. going into the 80s and into the 90s. all right. that's the weather. let's see how the roads are
4:28 am
doing this morning. good morning, sue. >> good morning. we have fog over twaldo and road on the golden gate bridge in the northbound direction. working on the barrier. right lanes northbound, the reverse commute, the lanes configured with two southbound about an hour ago so you will see traffic is pretty light this morning. we'll check back with the chp. no problems and be aware and a bit slow across the span. >> thank you. happening today, family, fellow officers and the community will pay tribute to a chp officer killed in the line of duty. >> memorial service is going to be held this morning for office kirk gris. they were hit by a pickup a pic. rested wednesday. was authorities hit the officer and man. walker face tws two counts of
4:29 am
vehicular manslaughter. the officer leaves behind a wife and three children. we are going to live stream the funeral procession and memorial at 9:00 a.m. and watch it on abc, the abc7 news app or the abc7 news facebook page. also happening today, the family of nia wilson will file a lawsuit against b.a.r.t. wilson died at the b.a.r.t. station almost a month ago. her sister was also stabbed but survived. the suspect john cowher was caught. the family says he should have been banned from b.a.r.t. for fare evasion. thefts aboard ai ast bay ting riders reported seven within four days. the two at daly station, south
4:30 am
hayward, wes oakland and civic center stations. b.a.r.t. officials say riders should be aware of suspicious behavior and use the b.a.r.t. watch app to report crimes. earlier this month b.a.r.t. announced a $26 million plan to increase security throughout the system. it is now 4:30. good morning. here's a quick update on the weather and traffic. starting with drew. >> good morning, guys. on this friday, waking up to temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 57 in san francisco. 60 san jose. the same in concord. taking a look at the 12-hour day planner. we have a mix of sun and clouds at 6:30 in the morning and by the afternoon we are warming up, warmer than yesterday. into the 80s and 90s away from the coast. sun going down 7:59 p.m. good morning, sue. >> headed to the san mateo brid f


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